Кубок Черного моря 2016

9-10 июля в Одессе состоялась международная выставка FIFe и традиционный ежегодный розыгрыш Кубка Черного Моря! 
В этом году обладательницей многих побед и этого кубка стала моя юная бурмочка Oktrin Yuki!
Надо сказать, что это уже третий Кубок Черного Моря, полученный кошками моего питомника. В 2014 году обладательницей этого кубка стала бабушка Yuki - Oktarin Kenya. 
Очень счастлива и горжусь стабильно высокими результатами моих выпускников!

North Sea Winner Show 2016

And a grand win again !!!


At the first annual show of series "North Sea Winner"   our young, but already very titled star Oktarin Uma won a  lifelong title - North Sea Winner 2016!!





Uma - the only Burmese in the world, who has such collection of highest rank titles:



Uma - the fourth generation of Oktarin cattery. Her ancestors have the highest achievements in the show career:

Mother, Oktarin Perlyna - Junior Winner, National Winner 2015!

Grandmother, Oktarin Kenya - Junior Winner, IC, WW`13, WW`15, National Winner 2015!

Great grandmother, Oktarin Bellisenta - GIC, DVM!

I am proud of my girl and I hope for further successful continuation of her show and breeding career!


Meditteranean Winner Show 2016

April 2-3, in Rome, Italy was the first Mediterranean Winner Show.

Shows this format have the same high standards as the annual World Cats Show. To participate in the competition are allowed only cats that already have high titles and victories in international cat shows.

In this exhibition participated 470 titled cats of many European countries.

My young cat JW UA * Oktarin Uma was the winner in the junior class!

Hurrah, my Umochka!

"Top Cat 2015"

2015 was very successful for my cattery!


My cats were winning at international cat shows in Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia. The biggest success - of course, our triumph with Kenya at the World Cat Show in Sweden!


All these achievements were summarized and given the opportunity to cattery "Oktarin" become the best cattery in Ukraine in 2015!


Four cats of our cattery awarded one of the most prestigious titles - National Winner!

They are:

1. WW`15, WW`13, IC UA*Oktarin Kenya, JW
2. UA*Oktarin Perlyna, JW
3. UA*Oktarin Rosetta, JW
4. UA*Oktarin Samurai

Word Show 2015 Malmo (Sweden)

We did it again !!!!


Oktarin Kenya won the World Cat Show in Malmö! The number of exhibitors was a huge - 1955 cats of all breeds!


Today, she is the only representative of the Burmese breed, which has 2 victories in the most prestigious FIFe shows. For the first time Kenya won the World Cat Show in 2013 in Denmark, and after 2 years in Sweden she was able to confirm its status as one of the most beautiful Burmese cats of the world!

Very happy and proud!

FIFe Cat Show in Warszawa, 17-18.01.2015

At the show in Warsaw, successfully debuted our young beauty Oktarin Perlyna.

17.01 It was the best among the sable Burmese and got her first BIV!

18.01 Perlyna won the cup for the best kitten in Category 3 and received her first BIS!

We hope that Perlyna successfully continue his show career and will take its rightful place among their titled ancestors!

Black Sea Cup 2014

5 and 6 July 2014 in Odessa was the traditional summer FIFe cat show.
Our young and charming cat Kenya (WW `13 IC UA * OKtarin Kenya, JW) both days became BIV, best cat in 3 categories (BIS) and the best animals of all 3 categories (BIC)!
Traditionally among the cats-winning two days show was chosen the best and most worthy to present Black Sea Cup I am very happy that this winner was Kenya!!!

Proud of my girl! She's a beauty, which once again confirmed its highest breeding qualities and showed magnificent show temperament!

World Cat Show 2013, Aalborg (Denmark)

26-27 October of 2013 on the World Cat Show 2013, Aalborg (Denmark) our young rock-star UA *Oktarin Kenya became the best among sable burm - BIV and won Best Junior of shorthair cats!